Should you go for quartz & granite countertops? What are the pros and cons of each material?

Choosing a material for you countertops is a hard decision, because its outcome will, hopefully, last for many years. If you want a countertop so durable it could withstand years and years of constant use, you should stick to quartz and granite. What’s the difference between them? Both are rocks, but they can look completely different. Quartz is a bright mineral, suitable for larger spaces and lighter environment. Granite on the other hand, is a rock which comes in different colors and textures, so it gives you more options to start with. Kitchen countertops made of both are usually very heavy and quite expensive, so it’s important to find the right people for installing it. A company that I like in Des Plaines, IL area, is called Granitepol.

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What are quartz countertops the best for?

In my kitchen I have a large island, which came with quartz countertop. I think it’s a good idea to stick with similar designs, as there are certain rules about space design, that shouldn’t be broken. If you are looking for someone in terms of Quartz & Granite Countertops Des Plaines, IL, check companies like Granitepol. This one did my kitchen, and they started with telling me some very useful tips about how to use my space the best. I’ve had a really great experience working with Granitepol in my kitchen, and the outcome is beautiful kitchen island with bright quartz countertop. I thought about going with granite instead of quartz, but Granitepol recommended me not to, as it would change the feeling about the whole kitchen. In general, I am glad that I chose this company, and now I think that they are truly the best in cheap granite installation.

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