Are quartz countertops a good idea?

How is it like to have quartz countertops?

Quartz is a rock which is, in a way, perfect for having in the kitchen. I have quartz countertops made by New Stone Design Chicago, and I’m sure I can tell you about pros and cons of having them. First of all, quartz is an excellent material. As it’s very hard, it won’t have a lot of scratches after spending some time in your kitchen. Also, it’s very resistant to acids, which is very much needed in the kitchen. Why? Think about all the vinegar, lemon juice, salad sauces, etc., and you’ll have your answer. In this matter there is probably no better material than quartz. But high resistance to some things is not everything. Remember that quartz is very heavy and it can be expensive. I think that you should decide what you value the most, and then settle for a material for your kitchen countertops.

Quartz Countertops Inspiration

Which way is the best for installing quartz countertops?

If you think about doing it by yourself, good luck. Big slab of quartz can weigh a few hundred kilos, and installing in requires a big amount of precision and skill. For my kitchen, I picked a company called New Stone Design, and I think that if you’re looking for someone installing quartz Chicago, they can be the best option. The money I paid them was very fair, and as far as I know, this kind if price is what they regularly offer to their clients. What I liked about them the most, was that they told me that quartz would be the best option for my kitchen. I had no knowledge in that matter, but they advised me, and after some tome I think that this decision was very good.

quartz countertops project by New Stone Design