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Then you live in an old house, you have to be prepared on its idiosyncrasies. It’s said that in the past things were of better quality and made to last. At first glimpse this statements seem to be completely valid but old buildings, often get cold during winter season and no matter of heating can change that for long. That was exactly my experience along with very high utility bills. Upon giving the subject some consideration, I came to conclusion that there were actually two things that could help. One was window replacement and another – siding installation. Spending money to save money may sound counterintuitive to some but as I haven’t the intention of moving out any time soon I consider it good investment. Windows need to wait for another story because here I want to describe my experience with siding installation.

professional siding installation

Affordable vinyl siding in installation in Lake Forest

At first, I didn’t have any likely candidate for the task but after some online search, I got some suggestions. Some of them turned to be rubbish almost from the first call. Others sounded promising but didn’t fit the bill – too expensive, inferior quality materials, far away due date and so on. Eventually there was only one company left, which was OPAL Siding Lake Forest. I very liked their offer of insulated vinyl siding. This option is considered the cheapest but at the same low quality. Fortunately, guys convinced that as with every other material there were different grades and OPAL Siding offered the best vinyl siding out there. I was shown many samples in different styles and color, discussed insulation types and scheduled installation. and surprise, surprise, siding contractors where able to accommodate my needs when it came the timetable. While installing siding, contractors where very thorough and precise. I like the result and believe this winter my home will stay warm and cozy.

perfect vinyl siding by opal