IntegraCore intercom system installation and more

While optimizing costs of our business, my partner and me, where discussing different options of admitting potential customers into the building. Due to small size of our undertaking, we quickly resigned from reception desk and decided on intercom system installation for our Chicago offices. Of course, price mattered but at the same time, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality of the equipment. As result, it took as a while to find a company that we deemed appropriate. By word of mouth, we learned about IntegraCore. I always thought that they specialized only in security systems – cameras and the like. It turned out that they install intercom systems as well so I contacted them for more details. From the very beginning guys where very helpful, describing available solutions and their benefits. What really convinced me to hire them was that they wanted to find system that would be satisfying for me in terms of both costs and quality.

intercom system chicago

Quality intercom installation (not only) for small business

When guys inspected my offices and saw the plans of the building, they promptly got to intercom system installation. I was impressed by their sheer efficiency and quality of their work. All of the elements where installed very neatly, so loose cables and some such didn’t make bad impression on our clients. Moreover, I was positively surprised that installation didn’t inconvenience us too much even though it took place during our normal operating hours. When everything was ready, guys run tests to see if every part of the system worked properly. And it did perfectly. Nevertheless, we were encouraged to call them in case of any potential problems with our intercom. That’s what I call perfect customer service. If any of my friends would need intercom system installation in Chicago, I would gladly send them to IntegraCore.

intercom installation chicago