Dental implant courses even for qualified

Who needs dental implant courses?

Being a doctor is a wonderful thing. Even if you are working in the field for a long time, each day still can be a surprise to you. The harder part about it, is that even after finishing med school and after years of practice, you still have to enroll in specialized courses to stay in touch with everything. I think that the branch which is going the fastest right now, is connected to dental surgeries, and dental implants in particular. That’s why now we observe higher demand for experienced implant placement courses than ever, and studies show that the trend won’t stop anytime soon. If you are a dental surgeon, plan your specialized course months ahead, or you won’t find an interesting offer.


Are there any good offers for hands on implant placement courses?

In USA there’s plenty of offers for that, but they are very different. There are some which last weeks and you do them after hours, and there’s the type I like better, which are professional implant courses which last even a few days. I looked up a company named Trinon Collegium Practicum, and in their offer I found a special 5-day course. I signed up, and this was an amazing decision. Over this time I did about 30 different dental implants as a main surgeon, and about the same amount as an assistant. What I liked the most about the course, was that the casts ranged from the simplest to the most complex I could imagine. Because they covered all areas of mouth, I think there’s a little I could miss about dental implants. The price of the course was very fair, and I think I might retake it in future, just to stay in shape.