The hardwood specialists wanted!


Me and my family wanted to move into our new-built house as quick as it was possible. All the most important installations were ready, but we still hadn’t the floors. The Easter was coming and we knew that it’s the latest date when we want to start living in a new place. There was not even three months left, so I quickly started looking for an experienced refinishing company. I want for my family everything what’s best, so the teams providing best hardwood flooring in Skokie were the only option. I chose one of them – Jerry J Hardwood Flooring. I hoped that staff will work thoroughly, but at the same quite fast. My only wish was to have the durable wooden floors which will last in our home long years. My choice was excellent – the company turned out to be a group of real specialists in its field.

High quality hardwood flooring in affordable prices – that’s what you look for


Our order was a big thing. We wanted to have hardwood floor installation done in almost all rooms in our two-story house. From the very beginning we could notice that our needs and expectations are a priority. The skilled contractors were ready to patiently answer every our question. What is more, they were calming us down all the time that everything will be ready on the time.  We couldn’t believe, but it really happened. Now, we can say that we appreciate our new hardwood floors very much. The most surprising thing for us was the prices. We thought that this quality would be a big expense, but as it turned out, the services were really affordable. If you also need a refinishing company we can recommend Jerry J Hardwood Flooring without hesitation. They are worth to give them a chance.