Moving houses in Chicago can be tough with no moving company

It seems like moving houses cannot be a nice experience. Especially when you decide to do it yourself- because it seems like you don’t own so many things and it’s not a big deal to pack everything up. Wrong – you have so much belongings you have no idea. It all seems like it’s not that much, until you decide to move. This is why you should hire a moving company, to avoid additional stress. I looked for Chicago Moving Company and I came across SAPA Movers. They seemed like legit company with affordable prices, and this is a rarity I must say – everybody charges an arm and a leg, for a simple service that is moving your belongings. I called them and scheduled an appointment.

SAPA experienced moving company


Get the best moving company in Chicago

I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered a free estimate. Their customer service was very helpful and nice overall. We agreed on services that I wanted to include in final costs, and that was packing my belongings and transporting this, along with my furniture. The estimate shocked me – the costs of the process were very low. Then we decided on a date and all I had to do was wait. They came on time and began to pack up my stuff right away. SAPA team was very gentle with my belongings, they packed everything securely and with great care. I was sure that nothing would break. Same with the furniture – staff loaded it carefully on the truck and secured it. I am sure that they were well-trained professionals, who have done it dozens of times. There was no room for a mistake! The delivery itself was completed with dispatch. They tranported my things quickly to my new flat and unpacked it in a blink of an eye. To sum up: SAPA Movers from Chicago are really worth your money!

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